Are you a feminist

Hispanic women's bodies have to work for days more than a white man to earn the same salary in the same position. My husband diverts all decisions to me. I think going back to work at 6 weeks, sending the children to day care, and going to work full time, is selfish. I am a homemaker and I believe my children are my responsibility and we have no other caretakers.

Clarity and accuracey of ideas is needed in areas like this. Indigenous women's bodies are missing, or murdered, at rates triple to the rates of violence against non-Indigenous women.

While it looks like only men are perpetrating and promoting the patriarchal rules to suppress women, I have met several women who also truly believe in those rules because in their view, it is what good women are supposed to do.

There are no such things as gender roles. It really kicked me in the back-side because I was truly convicted on your first points. As a girl, you hear the people who love you teach you that you have better chances of having happy relationships if you do not argue and keep your head down, and the most common logic for everything you cannot do that your male counterpart can, is because he is a guy.

If your answer is yes to all of the above, you could easily be mistaken for a feminist. Where are trans women on that hierarchy? My heart goes out to them and I long to see them thrive. So let's not dismiss the important conversations we need to have as multi-wave feminists as "unproductive squabbling," but rather give a myriad of women and non-binary voices space they wouldn't otherwise be afforded, and agency they wouldn't have otherwise built.

That I am able to serve The Lord around the world and give women hope is another! I also stayed at home with my kids till they where older and went to school like many other feminists. I think though your original article is worded a bit poorly and also your comments contradict the tone of your article.

That statement is not only wrong but also incredibly damaging and destructive to a young struggling mother. Ask the LORD to also give you wisdom and strength, and continue to love your husband.

In the end, it comes down to this thought for me: Homemaker or not, we humans struggle and suffer.If you’re a first time visitor, consider yourself fairly warned: I’m a feminist. A big one. The thing with feminism is that, as a word, it’s got a definition and that is the starting point.

Am I a feminist? You asked Google – here’s the answer

There are feminist extremes like “feminist art”, “feminist fashion” and “feminist symbols”, which are often ridiculed in “feminist cartoons” If you need further essay help for “feminism essays”, remember, the best resource for even custom research paper s and dissertation help.

Sep 09,  · Then you're a feminist! Young women claim, "feminism's not for me, I'm tired of hearing about it I want to scream, read your history We'd all be screwed without it! If you do want to be a feminist, and you find yourself in a conversation with a woman who says she feels that you have said something sexist, here’s a few pointers on how to deal with it.

I'm a feminist and I don't care what you or any other woman call yourselves. I do care about being told what I'm allegedly thinking, though, particularly when it is a grossly incorrect assumption.

Poll: Are you a feminist?

Commenter. Do you treat women and men as equals? Or do you believe in traditional gender roles?

Are you a feminist
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